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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Let's Get Caught Up

What's good peeps?  Finally had a chance to get on pace with my "funny books" and some other items.  How have the holidays been treating you so far?  Me?  I totally avoided Black Friday stores (I know you saw the news!) and I ate myself into a food coma on Thanksgiving.  I also managed to spend my weekend fighting off a cold.  Anyway, here's what I'm jonesing on this week in the world of comics...

Aquaman:  I really can't get enough of this book!  Geoff Johns is surgical with the pen.  This whole thing about The Deep, and the creatures from The Deep, is intriguing.  They are basically like oversized, pirhana-men.  Hot!  I am also digging the character development of Aquaman, the subtle flashbacks of Arthur as a kid work very well.  If you have not checked it out...I beg you...do it for yourself...GET-THIS-BOOK.  this is not yo' mama's Aquaman.  Aquaman #3 is in stores now! 

Avenging Spider-Man:  "My friends can beat up your friends."  How many of us have wanted to say that in real life?  I think that this book is a good entry in the long line of short lived Marvel Team Up books.  Not for nothing, I was interested in a book that highlighted more of spidey's interaction with the Avengers.  I hope they never take Peter Parker off of the Avengers.  Anyhoo, starting off a book like this with the great Joe Mad was an awesome idea.  His artwork alone is enough for the casual reader to pick up this book.  That guy ahs not lost his touch.  Anyway, overall, pretty good writing.  I like the dynamic of the surly old man (Red Hulk) and the young, talkative Spider Man.  If Marvel keeps top talent on this title, it will have a long run.

Justice League:  I'm enjoying the tale of how the JLA comes together.  It kind of reminds me of Justice League Unlimited.  Jim Lee's artwork has never been better.  Issue #3 intoduces us to Wonder Woman.  Portraying Wonder Woman in discovery mode is really cool.  Unfortunately, I do find myself more drawn to the origin of Vic Stone (Cyborg) than to the overall formation of the JLA.  It seems as though something is missing here.  I just cant put my finger on it...  So, the jury is still out on DC's marquee team book. 

Now, here's my biggest surprise...

YES!!  That is Wolverine and the X-Men #2!    Say whatttt?! 

Yeah man... I didn't want to like this book.  Why?  Eh...I guess I was still a bit underwhelemed by the whole Schism storyline, and honestly, I'm not a big Chis Bachalo fan.  And the thought of Wolverinf being "Professor" Logan?!  C'mon man!  Well, this book is actually pretty darn good.  Writng wise; there are a lot of many new character dynamics to explore.  And they are set up really nice.  We got Iceman stepping his game up and then laying a kiss on Kitty.  We got Little Broo makiong alien googly eyes at Anole, and we have those little bastard Hell fire Club kids bringing the fight to the X-Men's front door. 

Here's my favorite scene from issue #2.

Iceman is a totally underused and inderrated character.  In this scene he finally dupes himself and controls them with his thoughts.  I will really be a fan of this book if Iceman is utilized to this level.  I really think he should be an Omega level Mutant.

Some of my other pics include: The Red Lanterns#3, Animal Man #3, and Avemgers #18 & #19.  I love the fact Storm is a card carrying Avenger. 

Well, that's it for now.  I'm sorry for the delay.  I have been a bit under the weather the last couple of weeks. 

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Monday, November 14, 2011

3 things essential to writing

Here are three essential keys to my writing at this point. (from left to right)

1. Red Bull (sugar free)
2. Laptop. (Mac or PC)
3. A story

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Can't believe I'm Loving... AQUAMAN?!

Greetings Fanboy Nation!

I have been a avid comic book reader since I was six years old (I'm now too old to state here), and I do believe that this is the first time that I have been clamoring to read more DC comics than MARVEL comics.  The relaunch of the 52 titles has been a win.  Some of my faves, to name a few, are: Red Lanterns, JLA, Animal Man (!?), Batwing and (get ready for this one)...AQUAMAN?! 

Aquaman 1&2

Yeah, Geoff Johns put his big toe into this book.

"say whaaaat?!"

 Aquaman is a perfect example of great writing breathing life into otherwise dull concepts.  While I love great art, if the story is wack, it makes for a terrible read (see X-men:Schism and Fear Itself for example).  That's not a knock on Marvel as a whole by no means, but, I expected better for such high profile story lines. 

Anyhoo...Aquaman is the goods, do yourself a favor  and check it out.

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